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8-Series, 4-Wheel, Electric, 36v/48v, 4,000 lb Capacity

Once again, Toyota ingenuity and design have come together to create the revolutionary 8-Series Four-wheel electric forklift with the AC (Alternating Current) drive system. Yet the AC drive motor isn't the only milestone component driving these products. Toyota's exclusive System of Active Stability™ (SAS) shares the spotlight. These two industry-leading technologies combine to elevate operator productivity and workplace safety to unprecedented levels.


Toyota Industrial Equipment
Model Year
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Power Steering

Engine & Drivetrain

0 cc
Drive Control


Battery Voltage
36 or 48V


4,000 lbs.
Load Center
24 in.
Right Angle Stack
87 in.
Lift Speed
Full Load
36V: 67 fpm
48V: 89 fpm
Travel Speed
Full Load
36V: 9.9 mph
48V: 11.5 mph

Standard Features

 Toyota SAS monitors key forklift operations, detecting and counteracting instability to help reduce the risk of tipovers  
 When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabilizer locks the rear axle to help prevent lateral tipovers  
 Active Mast Function Controller senses and controls mast angle and rear tilt speed according to the load's height and weight  
 AC powered system offers fast response to operating commands, precise power control, compact components and higher levels of productivity throughout the entire work shift  
 AC drive motor offers quicker acceleration, higher top speeds and smoother direction changes to help operators move more pallets per hour  
 AC lift motor features fully variable lift / lower control for fast, precise pallet retrieval or positioning  
 On-demand, full hydrostatic power steering offers low-effort control while providing precise maneuverability and load handling in confined work areas  
 Programmable performance parameters may be customized through the digital display to adjust to a variety of job applications and operator skill levels  
 Momentary hold and controlled descent feature maximizes lift truck control when the accelerator pedal is released on a grade by regulating rolling speed  
 Touch-pad, keyless entry system with password protection option allows only designated personnel to operate the equipment  
 Tuning mode is used to make fine adjustments in the traveling and material handling features in order to customize the performance parameters for individual operators and varying applications  
 Power keep function allows the 8-Series' AC motors continue to perform at productive levels even when the battery charge is low  
 Multifunction digital display with illuminated icons informs the operator of vital operating information for maximum uptime  
 Performance parameters may be customized through the digital display to adjust to a variety of job applications and operator skill levels  
 Pre-set performance parameters (S.P.H.) are available for simpler truck performance customization  
 Multifunction hour meters allow for planned maintenance scheduling and the ability to perform time and motion studies  
 Programmable battery discharge indicator enables customization of the truck’s battery discharge settings to closer match the battery’s discharge rate, helping to maintain proper battery life  
 Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt prolongs battery life  
 Auto-Off System is seat-activated and programmable to conserve battery power  
 Power select indicator displays the mode currently in operation by highlighting either S (savings), P (performance) or H (high performance)  
 Auto height select option allows operators to program the lift truck to automatically stop the forks at pre-determined rack heights to maximize productivity  
Comfort / Ergonomics
 Curvilinear overhead guard legs provide a wider opening for operator entry / exit  
 Electric shift lever offers easily accessible fingertip control for fast and easy directional changes  
 Automotive style light switch and turn signal levers are integrated into the slim profile steer column for easy accessibility and simple operation  
 12 in. long dual operator assist grips have been designed to meet the needs of varying operator sizes and are in line with the overhead guard pillars for improved operator peripheral vision  
 Low profile front cowl results in enhanced forward visibility and lessens back strain by reducing the need for the operator to lean forward to view load and fork tips  
 Foot-activated parking brake further lessens operator back strain by reducing the need to lean forward to activate and disengage parking brake. Foot brake location also eliminates clutter from cowl area, enhancing forward visibility  
 Overly spacious legroom provides unsurpassed comfort levels throughout the operator’s work shift  
 Heavy-duty, non-slip floor mat adds to this comfort by minimizing noise, heat and vibration  
 EZ Pedal option allows operators to quickly and easily change travel direction without removing a hand from the steering wheel or hydraulic controls  
 Mini-lever or joystick hydraulic controls with Ergo-Shift feature a three-way adjustable armrest to enhance operator comfort and productivity  
 High mount key switch and parking brake release lever have been strategically placed to minimize the need for an operator to lean forward in the seat  
 Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers are ergonomically situated for improved operator comfort and unobstructed entry/exit from the right side of the truck  
 AC Motors have no brushes, springs, commutator or wearable parts to service and replace, resulting in fewer, quicker and less expensive maintenance needs  
 On-demand, full hydrostatic power steering is controlled through the AC hydraulic motor system, eliminating an additional motor to service  
 No-tool floorboard lifts out in seconds for fast, easy access during daily operator checks  
 Fault code memory with hour meter reading displays lift truck history to simplify troubleshooting  
 Battery roll- and slide-out options with redesigned battery retaining system are available for easy battery replacement  
 Curved front fenders with redesigned tie-down hooks offer improved security while shipping the unit  
 Analyzer Mode displays the status of the electrical system and allows instantaneous access to information on errors detected by the controller  
 Self-diagnostics with built-in analyzer capabilities are offered through the optional multifunction digital display, eliminating the need for a hand-held analyzer  
 Planned maintenance hour meter notifies operators of the need for routine maintenance and service via the digital display monitor. The service intervals are programmable  
 Right-side panel provides reliable protection and easy service access to the hydraulic motor  

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